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ASES (After School Program)

ASES (Free After School Enrichment Program)

After School Education and Safety (ASES)

Basic Information and Rules

Space is limited
First come first serve enrollment

3 unexcused absences will lead to dismissal
Students must attend the program in its entirety (a minimum of 3 hours)
Departure prior to end of the program will require early release documentation
Consistent inexcusable early release will be cause for dismissal

Student Pick-Up:
Supervision will not be provided after 6:00 p.m.
Dismissal is allotted after 3 hours of attendance
Consistent late pick-ups will be cause for dismissal

Program rules and behavior plan must be followed at all times
Disruptive or disrespectful behavior toward other students or staff can lead to  dismissal
School standards and rules must also be followed while attending ASES
Parents are welcomed and encouraged to discuss their child’s behavior with program leaders

One hour will be designated for homework assistance
Intervention will be provided as additional homework assistance
It is the parent’s / guardian’s responsibility to review their child’s completed homework

Parent Involvement:
Staff members are committed and qualified
Mandatory 100 hours of parent involvement

For more information, please pick up an application in the school office.