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Ms. Rosette Holmes, Principal

Sunset Elementary and Orthopedically Handicapped School is committed to educating the minds and hearts of children Pre-School through grade 8. Sunset and OH school is unique in many ways and offers a diverse community. We have high achieving classrooms grades K-6 with outstanding teachers that are committed to academic excellence in all content areas. We have orthopedically impaired classrooms grades Pre-School through 8 with several instructional aides, teachers and nursing staff. Sunset and OH school provides a headstart program, after school program, free lunch for every student, free breakfast for every student, Cross Country, basketball team, science olympiad and yearbook club. 

What makes me proud is the caring hearts of everyone at Sunset and OH school. Our teachers and staff are committed to making our school culture feel like a family. We have small class sizes and a small school size which means everyone learns the individual needs of our students and families. We actively teach our students to demonstrate good manners, kindness and consideration in everything we do. We believe that truly winning comes from good sportsmanship and fairness, not just the final score. Our students thrive in a bully free school environment and are positively motivated to show respect, and give the extra effort of caring for each other so that we all belong. This culture is evident as soon as you come into the office or classroom, and we welcome visitors to come experience this one of a kind school experience.

We have earned the title of Honor Roll School and California Gold Ribbon  because our California state exam scores are outstanding and continue to get higher each year. We work hard to ensure every student demonstrates mastery of their grade level standards so that they can achieve their college and career goals. We have a laptop for every student enrolled and access to the most current common core based curriculum. This year is our first year teaching "Code to the Future" which is a computer science based coding program to teach Kindergarteners through 6th grade the coding language of computers, computer science skills, and computer based projects. 

 Since 2016 I've been the proud principal of Sunset and OH school and  I've seen this school grow and thrive. We have made improvements, and advancements so that our families can be proud of their school and community. I am excited to be a part of the successes of each student and teacher. Nothing is more rewarding as an educator than to see students learning. 

Ms. Rosette Holmes, Principal of Sunset Elementary and OH School